Mohawk Is A Wonderful Haircut For Men And Women

Originally the Mohawk cut was perceived as a brutal men’s style, especially for those who belongs to various subcultures. These days, it is a perfect style for both genders and every age. It has a great diversity of styles and forms that suit everyone from an artistic personality or just a student to a business manager or a company administrator.

What is a Mohawk?

At the beginning, the Mohawk haircut was created by combining shortly chopped or shaven side parts and long stripes of locks at the crown of the head from forehead to the back. But now there are even diversity variants for a long hair. Bobby pins and braids help to shape shorter sides to rich a Mohawk style, but looks more creative and juicier. Bright colors are the best choice for such a daring cut for people who like experiments. Despite of the unusual look, a natural colored Mohawk can be less sassy and a great variant as a classical cut for men at work and a fancy hairstyle for girls at parties. The best ideas for the Mohawk hairstyle both for girls and boys from formal to impressive variants are there in the list below.

How to cut a Mohawk?

  • For Men. Nowadays the Mohawk is the best worldwide known traditional haircut for men for different occasions. It could be a great styled formal variant for work or a messy boyish style for an everyday look. Just decide what length of locks at the center and kind of sides do you want to have: extra shortly shaved, short to longer sides or completely shaved. Longer central part makes the look more stylish and aesthetic. It is also a good idea to add an extra sharp transition just by adding a thin shaved line.
  • For Women.  A variety of haircuts for girls is almost endless and this cut is not an exception. It is not even necessary to shave the side parts of the hair to create a Mohawk styled look. Only thing you need is just setting long side parts of the hair with bobby pins and a hair spray to make them look shorter than the central part. And then further goes the creativity. Locks could be styled edgy, if the hair is not so long, or they could be curled and set voluminously when hair is longer than the shoulder length. Natural tight curls look extra wonderful in such haircut. Bright colors and highlights are able to add some zests to the style. Special hair styling products can make the Mohawk and the whole style pop just in seconds.

A Mohawk is an actual trendy haircut for both genders. It has no age and suits various life situations. Mohawk is a great way to make everyone pay attention to you and your style. It could be fancy, classy and bright for daring personalities, who like always to be in the spotlight, or more conservative, but still stylish at the same time for those, who prefer being less extraordinary. Say yes to the Mohawk.