How to make your hair look asymmetric hairstyles

The fashion for asymmetric haircuts confidently moves from season to season by leaps and bounds. This is easily explained by the fact that asymmetry suits almost all young ladies, regardless of their age, face shape and clothing style. In our article, we will consider the features, advantages and disadvantages of asymmetric haircuts, “walk” through the most fashionable trends, tell you how to choose the right haircut and how to care for it.


Women’s haircuts with asymmetry have a number of features.

  • They are universal. It does not matter whether you are young or have already reached an elegant age, thin, of medium build or “chubby”, whether you prefer a sporty style or strict office style – you can easily find a stylish asymmetric haircut, which not only will not look out of place, but will bring into the image of the “zest” and emphasize the advantages of the face.
  • This kind of haircut can be performed on any hair: straight, wavy, curly and even strongly curly. Thin and sparse curls can give visual volume, overly thick curls can be “tamed” by filleting.
  • Asymmetry is easy to style, because, as a rule, the technology of this haircut requires the hair to “lie” in a certain direction. The everyday styling can be turned into a festive style in 10-15 minutes, simply by structuring it a little bit with a curling iron, iron or styling agent.
  • Asymmetric haircuts are more suitable for experiments with coloring than all the others. There is a lot of room for imagination: melting, coloring, bronzing, ombré, balayage, shattoosh – to enumerate the possibilities for a long time. The tendency of the last season is the coloring of two or three strands in bright “acidic” colors.

Pros and cons

Of course, asymmetrical haircuts have both advantages and disadvantages. Which of the following will outweigh and affect your choice in the end – it is up to you to decide. So, the pros.

  • The correctly chosen type of haircut is able to visually rejuvenate the owner and emphasize the strong points of her face.
  • If your hair is “tired” from the constant styling with the heat styling devices, if its ends are split because of overdrying, the asymmetric haircut can fix it. Thinning curls it will give extra volume, it will tame the unruly strands and ease the daily ritual of registration of hair in the hairdo.
  • This kind of haircuts become even more interesting with the coloring. But even this is not the end of the matter. Each time updating hairstyles at the master, you can add new details or, conversely, get rid of old ones. Here is an illustrative example: a shaved temple. First you decided to just shave one side of the head, the next time you asked the master to bleach the shaved part and two strands in the bangs. Next, you wanted the bleached parts to turn pink. Finally, you asked the master to shave an ornament on your temple. Look how many variations you got! And you can update them monthly.
  • Asymmetry haircut emphasizes the features of the face, highlighting the cheekbone part. With this haircut can be any face, even the most irregular shape to approach the ideal. It is only necessary to choose the correct length and shape haircuts.
  • Contrary to popular belief, asymmetrical hairstyles can be designed not only on short and medium hair, but also on curls of any length. And those who do not wish to carry out radical experiments with their appearance, but want to make a “twist” in the image can be satisfied with asymmetrically trimmed bangs-strands.
  • Some of this kind of haircuts do not require any kind of styling, except for drying with a hair dryer with a brush and a drop of hairspray.
make your hair look asymmetric hairstyles

Now consider the disadvantages of such hairstyles.

  • A visit to the hairdresser should become your monthly obligation. Otherwise, the haircut will lose its shape and will look sloppy.
  • Any interesting hairstyle draws attention to the face and hair. That is why your hair should always be clean and shiny, now it will not be possible to hide the curls not the first freshness with a “ponytail.
  • If suddenly you want to grow your hair to a uniform length, it will not be so easy to do and will have to go through a not very pleasant period of “messy” head or trim the entire hairdo so that the curls become about the same.


Varieties of asymmetric haircuts – a great many, in addition, a professional creative hairdresser-stylist can come up with and offer you some kind of a personal “chip”. However, any, even the most unusual hairstyle is based on one of the basic haircuts, which will be given below. We used a gradation by hair length, so that you could get acquainted with their list and choose something for yourself.

For short hair

The advantage of girls who chose asymmetry for short curls is that experiments with a small length of hair involve frequent updates, and even if some detail will not quite to their liking, it can easily be removed at the next visit to the master.

So, the basic haircuts for short hair.

  • Pixie. A naughty, deliberately careless hairstyle with torn strands is a favorite of many young ladies. One of those haircuts, which does not require styling: just wash your hair, blow dry it and ruffle it with fingers, slightly moistened in the styling agent. Pixie looks great with chalked or toned locks – it creates the illusion of sunshine in the hair.
  • Aurora. This look differs from the previous version with a shortened crown and elongated strands that frame the face. In its asymmetrical version it is often cut with a torn bang to the side.
  • Bob. The most common type of asymmetry for a short length of hair. Suitable for any shape of the face, enhancing its merits and masking flaws. With this type of haircut strands are graded, bangs are cut obliquely.
  • Kare. As the basis of the asymmetrically trimmed square cut, you can take any of its varieties: classic, “on the leg”, to lengthen. When dyeing it is better to be limited to one shade, preferably from the dark range.

For medium hair

The medium length is considered universal for any experiments concerning both the coloring and the design of the haircut. The following are considered basic hairstyles for asymmetry.

  • The long braid. On one side it can reach to the shoulder, on the other – be shorter by 10-12 centimeters. A smooth transition is made along the nape of the neck. Such a square cut is parted, and it must remain unchanged during the whole time of wearing the hairstyle. The bangs can be plain, beveled or absent altogether. This version of the haircut looks great on curly locks as well as on the straight ones. The coloring is recommended to be monochromatic.
  • “Under the page.” This hairstyle is difficult to imagine asymmetrical, because it resembles a round cap, and one side of it should be a mirror reflection of the other. However, stylists have come up with a special technique of cutting the locks, in which they are laid in a circle, but asymmetrically. To perform this unusual hairstyle, a thick head of hair is desirable.
  • Wolfsbane. Another very interesting haircut, worthy of your attention. It was named for its resemblance to the mane of wolves: the heterogeneous strands of “feathers” are cut along the hair length and frame the face in a cascade. By the way, the wolfsbane haircut differs from the cascade haircut by the fact that the curls are cut in steps at the back of the head, and the contour locks near the face are made shorter. Shearling is one of those hairstyles that require almost no styling and are suitable for any face shape.

For long hair

Well, finally, consider the variants of asymmetric haircuts on curls, whose length falls below the shoulder line. Here, too, there are basic varieties.

  • Ladder. Classic of the genre. It is cut more often by young ladies who do not want to part with the basic length, but dreaming to update the hairstyle, making it more “lively. Variations of the “staircase” can be different: for example, “ragged” locks can make only the face, not touching the back of the head, or cut the hair in layers, grading them. Asymmetrical “staircase” is the best choice for round-faced girls who want to visually “remove” cheekbones and highlight cheekbones.
  • “Rhapsody. Another favorite option for long-haired ladies. Strands are cut off at the crown of the head, superimposing one on another in layers. This way the haircut becomes voluminous. To give an even greater effect it is recommended to color “rhapsody” in several tones, creating the illusion of burned out strands.
  • Shaved temple. We must say that this is quite a bold decision for a young lady, whose hair length exceeds the average, because if such a haircut suddenly becomes boring, it will not be easy to grow long locks again. But it looks chic hairstyle. Shaved temple suggests the possibility of experimenting with coloring in this part of the head, as well as shaving the pattern with a trimmer or a machine.