make your hair look asymmetric hairstyles

 How to make your hair look asymmetric hairstyles

The fashion for asymmetric haircuts confidently moves from season to season by leaps and bounds. This is easily explained by the fact that asymmetry suits almost all young ladies, regardless of their age, face shape and clothing style. In our article, we will consider the features, advantages and disadvantages of asymmetric haircuts, “walk” through the most fashionable trends, tell you how to choose the right haircut and how to care for it.

The Best Ideas for a Long Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut has sunk deep into the mind of every girl in the world many years ago and it still holds the top spot of the list of the most wanted hairstyles of all the times. It is such a cut that gives you an intense feeling of a confidence. It is also well known, when a girl cuts her hair shorter, she is about to completely change her life. But if chopping the hair dramatically is too daring, a long pixie is what you need.

It was always considered that a woman should have long healthy hair that represents her beauty and femininity. But in today’s society women are completely free in their choice of a haircut they want to have and short styles on girls are something not really unusual now. Very short pixies are super stylish, but they are too boyish and not every woman is able to dare herself to wear such a risky haircut. Here comes a long pixie. And if you are looking for Top 10 Gorgeous Long Pixie Hairstyles, this article is the solution.

Beautiful Long Pixies

  • Chopped Pixie with Bangs and short side Parts. Long front locks with chopped edgy bangs and short parts at side parts and the back.
  • Long Side-Banged Pixie. A great haircut for a round face. Sleek styled one-sided long bangs with messy layered sides.
  • Pixie with long Locks on Top. Inspired by the 80s locks are now the cut for both genders. Long strands to the back create a huge volume at the top, that helps short girls to looks taller than they actually are.
  • Sleek Pixie. A sleek styled cut is the sassiest variant for daring girls, who likes taking the center stage all the time. A proper hair stylers help to make smooth looked locks.  
  • Mohawk inspired Pixie. A long pixie allows to create a Mohawk cut just by setting the sides with hair pins and adding some volume at the crown of the head.  
  • Brushed Bangs on the Back. A simple, but glamorous style, that is a great transition stage from an extra short pixie to a longer length. Instead of using bobby pins to set the grown sides use a wax and a hairdryer.
  • Face framing Pixie. The easiest low maintenance pixie haircut that needs not so much time to be styled. Slightly layered locks gently frame the face shape and makes a cute look.
  • Spiky textured Pixie. Another variation of a Mohawk for daring girls. Such haircut is boyish and sporty and looks amazing with colorful highlights at the top.
  • Flipped retro Bangs. An interesting variation of a men’s retro hairstyle that looks wonderful on girls too. It creates the most stunning look with a blonde hair.
  • Messy Layers. Messy layers are perfect for those girls, who are too busy to spend a lot of time with their hair. Randomly chopped messy layers do not need much time to be styled.

A pixie hairstyle is a great way for girls to change their style and life completely, even when it is not an extra short cut. A long pixie has a huge amount of variations to try and every girl ought to dare herself such a haircut.   

Top 5 Asymmetric Haircuts For Short Hair

The more creative a hair pattern is, the better it is. It is easy to form innovative styles, if you experiment. You can experiment with strands’ lengths, parting and weaving patterns.

Modern ladies like to try hairdos that are asymmetrical. Such designs look impressive. They go well with every type of clothing. Straight hairdo will be perfect to wear with a business suit. Curly short and long strands will become a fine option for a romantic date.

Ideas You Must Try

It is important to follow contemporary trends. That is why females tend to choose asymmetrical hairdos. They want to look expressive. It is possible to get such type of cut for short and long strands. Here are top 5 asymmetric haircuts for short hair:

  • Design with fade. Asymmetrical strands combined with a low fade look splendid. They will impress. Such hair pattern will accomplish a contemporary look. It is good to wear such a design with jeans or trousers. The best is to keep strands straight in such a hairdo.
  • Pixie style. This type of cut is very elegant. Mature ladies prefer it. It is possible to cut pixie hair in an asymmetric way. This will make a hairstyle even more extraordinary. You can easily wear such a hair design to the office. The only disadvantage of it is that it is hard to style such a design.
  • Bob. It is one of the most classic pattern you can think of. There are many ways to individualize such a hairdo. One of the best is to make asymmetric strands. It will make the final look very extraordinary. If you want to decorate bob hair design you have to put some embellishment. It will make the look more feminine.
  • Plaits. If you have asymmetric cut, you can intertwine plaits. The more braids there are, the more voluminous a hair design will look. You can wear this style with all types of clothing. If you want to create a feminine look, choose a French plait.
  • Style with bangs. If you get a short cut, you can wear bangs. Your hairdo will become even more stylish. If you want to generate a feminine look, you can curl bangs. You can make bangs length longer than length of the hairdo. It will create a more innovative style.

These are some of the most interesting patterns you can follow. If you combine elements rightly, you will get a more fascinating style. The more you experiment, the higher the chance you will create a unique pattern.

It is important that you combine the hairdo with your clothing. The more harmonious these elements look, the better it is. You have to like an overall look.

The Most Innovative Pixie Haircuts With Bangs

Each lady has to take care of style. Without it there is no chance to look charming. In a harmonious look each detail matters. Clothing, makeup and hairdo are the main elements you have to think about.

Hairstyle is one of the main element of the look. It has to attract attention of people. It has to express personality of a lady. If you are a tender female, pixie haircuts with bangs are right for you.

Styles to Consider

In hair styling it is good to combine different elements. The more extravagant a pattern is, the better it is. You have to think carefully what hair patterns you like. After you decide for a hairdo, you should visit a hairdresser. He will help to complete your idea.

Much in the choice of a hairstyle depends on a density of strands. There aren’t many hairstyle that will go equally well for ladies with thin and thick hair. Here are pixie haircuts with bangs, that will suit everyone:

  • Curly bangs. Curls is a never ending classics. Each lady wants to get some during a lifetime. Curly bangs look more amazing. They will make you look feminine. The more wavy strands are, the more tender a look will become. Such bangs can form a contrast with low fade. This combination will charm.
  • Colorful shaved sides. It is an in idea worth trying. Fade cut in color will look expressive. You can decide for pink, blue or orange colors. Such tones look very elegant. You can wear different types of clothing with this hairdo. You can try jeans, dresses and business suits.
  • Short fringe. Length is an excellent parameter to experiment with. If you make short fringe you will see how your look will change. You will get lively style. You can wear such a hairdo with casual clothing. Bright make-up will be perfect to accomplish a look.
  • A quiff on the top of the head. It is a cool idea to get a quiff. If you style it, it will become a key element of a hair design. It will look brilliant for ladies with dense strands. If you like casual clothing you can always try to make spiky ends.
  • Design with plaits in the center. Intertwining a braid in the center of a head is a good solutions. You should get it if you like feminine looks. You can create a regular or a French plait. Such a design will be fine to wear with everyday or evening clothing.

These are nice strands designs you can consider. Each pattern looks differently on  everybody. That is why you should try many hairstyles. Before you make a final choice make sure you feel comfortable wearing a hairstyle. If not, you will not enjoy it. Comfort is the key.

Mohawk Is A Wonderful Haircut For Men And Women

Originally the Mohawk cut was perceived as a brutal men’s style, especially for those who belongs to various subcultures. These days, it is a perfect style for both genders and every age. It has a great diversity of styles and forms that suit everyone from an artistic personality or just a student to a business manager or a company administrator.

What is a Mohawk?

At the beginning, the Mohawk haircut was created by combining shortly chopped or shaven side parts and long stripes of locks at the crown of the head from forehead to the back. But now there are even diversity variants for a long hair. Bobby pins and braids help to shape shorter sides to rich a Mohawk style, but looks more creative and juicier. Bright colors are the best choice for such a daring cut for people who like experiments. Despite of the unusual look, a natural colored Mohawk can be less sassy and a great variant as a classical cut for men at work and a fancy hairstyle for girls at parties. The best ideas for the Mohawk hairstyle both for girls and boys from formal to impressive variants are there in the list below.

How to cut a Mohawk?

  • For Men. Nowadays the Mohawk is the best worldwide known traditional haircut for men for different occasions. It could be a great styled formal variant for work or a messy boyish style for an everyday look. Just decide what length of locks at the center and kind of sides do you want to have: extra shortly shaved, short to longer sides or completely shaved. Longer central part makes the look more stylish and aesthetic. It is also a good idea to add an extra sharp transition just by adding a thin shaved line.
  • For Women.  A variety of haircuts for girls is almost endless and this cut is not an exception. It is not even necessary to shave the side parts of the hair to create a Mohawk styled look. Only thing you need is just setting long side parts of the hair with bobby pins and a hair spray to make them look shorter than the central part. And then further goes the creativity. Locks could be styled edgy, if the hair is not so long, or they could be curled and set voluminously when hair is longer than the shoulder length. Natural tight curls look extra wonderful in such haircut. Bright colors and highlights are able to add some zests to the style. Special hair styling products can make the Mohawk and the whole style pop just in seconds.

A Mohawk is an actual trendy haircut for both genders. It has no age and suits various life situations. Mohawk is a great way to make everyone pay attention to you and your style. It could be fancy, classy and bright for daring personalities, who like always to be in the spotlight, or more conservative, but still stylish at the same time for those, who prefer being less extraordinary. Say yes to the Mohawk.

Low Maintenance Haircuts

There are interesting hairdos to think of. Not all of them are easy to style. It is important to choose a design that can be styled without problems. Each lady would like to get her hair done quickly.

If you find a good hairdresser he will create for you a nice hairdo. It will be easy to style and look good. Low maintenance hairdos can be worn for special events or during working hours.

Designs to Copy

If you type in the browser ‘low maintenance haircuts’ you will find many interesting ideas. When you look through them, think how you’ll feel wearing them. It is important they match your shape of face. You also have to feel comfort wearing them.

Women make a mistake when choosing a hairstyle that is fashionable. It can look finely on the photo. But for a specific woman it might not go well. That is why you have to try several patterns before you get the one you like.

If you found the best hair design you have to be able to diversify it. You can do it with the help of many elements. Think of fine embellishment. The more creative it is, the better. Different decorations will help you enjoy a new pattern each day.

If you wish to choose a low maintenance hairdo rightly, you have to think about the next variants:

  • Bob pattern. Bob is one of the very best hair designs. Different length of this hairstyle will make you feel differently. The most practical is a short bob. It is one of the most stylish variants of this hairdo. Such design is easy to style. With the help of gel or mousse it will take some minutes.
  • Pixie patten. It is a beloved design for mature ladies. It is an excellent hair design to wear for business meetings. It can be combined in an excellent way with a business suit. The higher is the difference between length of strands the more interesting such a design will look.
  • Bangs pattern. Bangs will make every hair a masterpiece. You can wear short or long bangs. Long fringe will be better to get if you have dense hair. If you have thin strands you will need to get a short fringe.
  • Asymmetric strands pattern. It is one of the most beautiful patterns to get. It looks very elegant. A lady can wear it with everyday clothes. Matched with jeans or leather trousers, such a pattern looks even better.

These are splendid low maintenance cuts. You can choose one of those to accomplish everyday look. Each pattern you can individualize even more. Use creativity and you will get even more feminine hairstyle.