Top 5 Asymmetric Haircuts For Short Hair

The more creative a hair pattern is, the better it is. It is easy to form innovative styles, if you experiment. You can experiment with strands’ lengths, parting and weaving patterns.

Modern ladies like to try hairdos that are asymmetrical. Such designs look impressive. They go well with every type of clothing. Straight hairdo will be perfect to wear with a business suit. Curly short and long strands will become a fine option for a romantic date.

Ideas You Must Try

It is important to follow contemporary trends. That is why females tend to choose asymmetrical hairdos. They want to look expressive. It is possible to get such type of cut for short and long strands. Here are top 5 asymmetric haircuts for short hair:

  • Design with fade. Asymmetrical strands combined with a low fade look splendid. They will impress. Such hair pattern will accomplish a contemporary look. It is good to wear such a design with jeans or trousers. The best is to keep strands straight in such a hairdo.
  • Pixie style. This type of cut is very elegant. Mature ladies prefer it. It is possible to cut pixie hair in an asymmetric way. This will make a hairstyle even more extraordinary. You can easily wear such a hair design to the office. The only disadvantage of it is that it is hard to style such a design.
  • Bob. It is one of the most classic pattern you can think of. There are many ways to individualize such a hairdo. One of the best is to make asymmetric strands. It will make the final look very extraordinary. If you want to decorate bob hair design you have to put some embellishment. It will make the look more feminine.
  • Plaits. If you have asymmetric cut, you can intertwine plaits. The more braids there are, the more voluminous a hair design will look. You can wear this style with all types of clothing. If you want to create a feminine look, choose a French plait.
  • Style with bangs. If you get a short cut, you can wear bangs. Your hairdo will become even more stylish. If you want to generate a feminine look, you can curl bangs. You can make bangs length longer than length of the hairdo. It will create a more innovative style.

These are some of the most interesting patterns you can follow. If you combine elements rightly, you will get a more fascinating style. The more you experiment, the higher the chance you will create a unique pattern.

It is important that you combine the hairdo with your clothing. The more harmonious these elements look, the better it is. You have to like an overall look.