The Best Ideas for a Long Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut has sunk deep into the mind of every girl in the world many years ago and it still holds the top spot of the list of the most wanted hairstyles of all the times. It is such a cut that gives you an intense feeling of a confidence. It is also well known, when a girl cuts her hair shorter, she is about to completely change her life. But if chopping the hair dramatically is too daring, a long pixie is what you need.

It was always considered that a woman should have long healthy hair that represents her beauty and femininity. But in today’s society women are completely free in their choice of a haircut they want to have and short styles on girls are something not really unusual now. Very short pixies are super stylish, but they are too boyish and not every woman is able to dare herself to wear such a risky haircut. Here comes a long pixie. And if you are looking for Top 10 Gorgeous Long Pixie Hairstyles, this article is the solution.

Beautiful Long Pixies

  • Chopped Pixie with Bangs and short side Parts. Long front locks with chopped edgy bangs and short parts at side parts and the back.
  • Long Side-Banged Pixie. A great haircut for a round face. Sleek styled one-sided long bangs with messy layered sides.
  • Pixie with long Locks on Top. Inspired by the 80s locks are now the cut for both genders. Long strands to the back create a huge volume at the top, that helps short girls to looks taller than they actually are.
  • Sleek Pixie. A sleek styled cut is the sassiest variant for daring girls, who likes taking the center stage all the time. A proper hair stylers help to make smooth looked locks.  
  • Mohawk inspired Pixie. A long pixie allows to create a Mohawk cut just by setting the sides with hair pins and adding some volume at the crown of the head.  
  • Brushed Bangs on the Back. A simple, but glamorous style, that is a great transition stage from an extra short pixie to a longer length. Instead of using bobby pins to set the grown sides use a wax and a hairdryer.
  • Face framing Pixie. The easiest low maintenance pixie haircut that needs not so much time to be styled. Slightly layered locks gently frame the face shape and makes a cute look.
  • Spiky textured Pixie. Another variation of a Mohawk for daring girls. Such haircut is boyish and sporty and looks amazing with colorful highlights at the top.
  • Flipped retro Bangs. An interesting variation of a men’s retro hairstyle that looks wonderful on girls too. It creates the most stunning look with a blonde hair.
  • Messy Layers. Messy layers are perfect for those girls, who are too busy to spend a lot of time with their hair. Randomly chopped messy layers do not need much time to be styled.

A pixie hairstyle is a great way for girls to change their style and life completely, even when it is not an extra short cut. A long pixie has a huge amount of variations to try and every girl ought to dare herself such a haircut.